Info and experimentation

I was exploring WordPress, trying to find a way to change the way comments work.

I’ve gotten several messages from people saying they’d like to comment but there’s no way to do it.

There is. But not from the main feed. Let me explain.

If you go to my website——the default page is the blog. The 10 most recent posts show up, with a variety of ways to get to older posts.

On that page, there’s nowhere to click to leave a comment. I have gone through every setting, and I don’t believe I can change this. (I don’t know if that is specific to this theme or if it’s a WordPress thing.)

If you click on the title of any post, it will take you to a page with that post only. At the bottom of that, you can leave a comment.

I will start putting a link at the bottom of each post to make that find-able.

I’m throwing up a few small posts today in different formats. (In my exploration, I discovered some features.)


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