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Follow up to ‘Take what you need’

(If you missed the original post/project details, you can find it here.)

Kids have been off and on with the sticky notes. I have needed to replenish them a time or two, but most seem to have chosen a couple, stuck them in their music binder, and not messed with them again.

Earlier this week, one of my classes was playing a (very short, very repetitive) song from memory during the school assembly. The lead photo was taken in the hallway on the way to the cafeteria.

I’m considering putting something like this up at home.


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“I don’t know how to interact with women any more.”

In blog writing, I have a few rules I’ve set for myself. Always proofread at least twice (once immediately and once after walking away, ideally for a day, but an hour will do in a pinch). Don’t share identifying information about people or share other people’s stories that aren’t mine to tell (unless I have permission). And listen to the whole podcast (or read the whole book, or whatever) before sharing pieces of it.

I broke the last rule yesterday. I had 20 or so minutes left of Michael Gervais’s interview with Abby Wambach when yesterday’s post went live. Because I listen a lot less in the summer than during the school year (less time in the car; more time with The Kid in the car), I didn’t get to finishing it until later.

While the quote I picked out was indeed a good one, if I was going to choose one bit of that interview to focus on, it wouldn’t have been that one … if I had listened to the whole thing.

What might I have focused on instead?

They talked about the plight of men right now, and how so many are lamenting that they don’t know how to interact with women any more since the rules are changing. (To be honest, they had a lot more empathy in that than I do.)

Her advice?

“Mind your own body.”

Simple. Largely effective. Keep your hands, eyes, and body-based comments to yourself. Doesn’t address systemic issues or things of that sort, but for your basic, daily interactions? It should get the job done.

She also talked about inequalities between men’s and women’s sports. If your argument is “men’s sports make more money!” this would be a good clip for you to listen to. (I believe Freakonomics also addressed that a bit, but I couldn’t tell you what episode … or even what season…)

So if these pique your interest, listen to maybe the last half hour. Or just listen to the whole thing. It was interesting.

(And I will stick to my rules in the future!)

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Sometimes, things work out

Yesterday, The Kid had his last track meet of the season.

Because it’s hot here now, the meet started at 7 instead of 8. Call time remains an hour before the meet starts. Yesterday’s meet was just over half an hour’s drive from here. I was up at 4:30.

Early morning temps were nice, but it didn’t take long before we were baking. All of the stadiums we’ve been in, the fields run north-south and the home bleachers are on the west side (facing east). Which means that even with our handy oversized umbrella, we’re in the sun for much of the morning.

Once the sun was high enough, we had shade (hooray!) but it was a little stuffy under there.

Anyway. The point is, we were up early, and it was toasty.

His events (two track and one field) were clustered, so the down time was almost all front-loaded. For the first time ever, we were done before 1:00.

Once the meet was done, we came home and had late lunch. I took a nap; The Climbing Daddy and The Kid did other things. I woke up feeling better than when I laid down but still wiped out.

This is the point in the story that connects with the second piece.

A year ago, I volunteered at a competition at my local climbing gym.

I decided that I wanted to climb in it this year. (Upcoming links are all to previous posts with more detail about this journey.)

I learned how to boulder (though I was not at all good at it).

This year’s comp, we had to do three mini-comps to be eligible.

I did two before finding out sad news, and didn’t pursue the third.

It turns out, the final competition—the main event—was yesterday. Climbers reported to the gym at 3, I think (might have been 4).

If I had decided to continue I would have had a bouldering competition late yesterday afternoon. At nap time.

So while I was really disappointed in February when I found out the comp wasn’t what I wanted, I was really happy yesterday not to have to go attempt to climb competitively.

(And the four of us ended up splashing around in the pool for an hour, then The Climbing Daddy and I went for a tired-but-necessary run, and those were better than bouldering any day.)

Oh! And the photo? A giant dust devil we saw on the way home from the track meet.

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Update: accountability to self

In January, I wrote about a chart I’d made to track behaviors of health and self-care.

I had thought—or, more accurately, hoped—that seeing holes in the list would spur me to do some of the things that simply haven’t been getting done, even if the increase was to once a week, or once every other week.

It did not.

The things that were already getting done are still getting done. The things that weren’t getting done still aren’t getting done.

So now, after two-and-a-half months of using it, I need to decide: should I somehow incentivize it? (Not with things that are counterproductive!) Or let it go? Because right now, it’s not really doing anything. I mean, I’m marking things off as they get done, but I’m affirming things I already knew. No new data, no behavior change.

I haven’t decided yet. Either way, as-is, it’s not working.

Did anyone else make one? (I got a lot of messages from people who were going to.) How’s it going?


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Info and experimentation

I was exploring WordPress, trying to find a way to change the way comments work.

I’ve gotten several messages from people saying they’d like to comment but there’s no way to do it.

There is. But not from the main feed. Let me explain.

If you go to my website——the default page is the blog. The 10 most recent posts show up, with a variety of ways to get to older posts.

On that page, there’s nowhere to click to leave a comment. I have gone through every setting, and I don’t believe I can change this. (I don’t know if that is specific to this theme or if it’s a WordPress thing.)

If you click on the title of any post, it will take you to a page with that post only. At the bottom of that, you can leave a comment.

I will start putting a link at the bottom of each post to make that find-able.

I’m throwing up a few small posts today in different formats. (In my exploration, I discovered some features.)