Reflections on the second week of pandemic teaching

The novelty of wearing a mask has worn off, and more kids are taking them off. I spent a fair amount of time during class this week showing empathy to their discomfort—I don’t like wearing one, either—and explaining why we’re wearing them. They didn’t seem to know. (That could be no one has explained it … Read more

“I don’t know how to interact with women any more.”

In blog writing, I have a few rules I’ve set for myself. Always proofread at least twice (once immediately and once after walking away, ideally for a day, but an hour will do in a pinch). Don’t share identifying information about people or share other people’s stories that aren’t mine to tell (unless I have … Read more

Update: accountability to self

In January, I wrote about a chart I’d made to track behaviors of health and self-care. I had thought—or, more accurately, hoped—that seeing holes in the list would spur me to do some of the things that simply haven’t been getting done, even if the increase was to once a week, or once every other … Read more

Info and experimentation

I was exploring WordPress, trying to find a way to change the way comments work. I’ve gotten several messages from people saying they’d like to comment but there’s no way to do it. There is. But not from the main feed. Let me explain. If you go to my website——the default page is the blog. … Read more

Follow-up to the dinner post

Last week, I answered a reader question about dinner. Planning. Dealing with busy evenings. Dealing with low energy. When I posted it to social media, I asked what others do for quick, easy meals. Here’s what people shared: breakfast for dinner We just had make your own taco night. Fry’s has great vegetarian already-seasoned meat … Read more