My photography journey 10Jan21

More macro!

I got some advice on improving my shots and wanted to redo the dog’s eye (I like that shot) but haven’t thought to do it when they’re laying and I’ve had enough light.

Speaking of not enough light… this one is too dark, and I wouldn’t normally share it, but watching Brussels sprouts grow is so delightful!

They’re actually still smaller than grapes. We’ve had some cold nights and I’m amazed the veggies are still growing, but the sprouts, so many tomatoes, chili pepper (or maybe jalapeño—Climbing Daddy would know), onions are all still growing strong! I don’t have photos of most of them. Or, I don’t have photos that were worth sharing of them.

Other shots from around the garden were better as far as light goes. Some are sharper than others. Still work to do; enjoying the process. The lead photo is basil.

The broccoli is starting to show! So exciting!

And a more Arizona-type of plant.

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