My photography journey 12July20

Indoor photos using natural light this week.

We have a solar tube in our living room, so in the middle of the day, we have tons of light on that side of the room. The room is north-facing, so even the window is not as generous with sunlight as the solar tube.

The Kid had three weeks of online art camp (documentation from the first week here), and painted a ceramic dinosaur. Once it was fired, he gave it a home in the living room, and I noticed one day that the light gave it a nice look. As nice a look as a ceramic dinosaur gets.


Back when we were still meeting in groups, The Kid amassed candy. We have a tradition where he trades in candy for toys or other things (started with just Halloween but now includes Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, sometimes Easter, sometimes Christmas at school… so.much.crap). I kept some of the candy just to take pictures but haven’t brought it out. Until this week.

Skittles in water make fun designs. The orange didn’t hold up its part of the deal as well as I’d hoped.

(Also: this is something fun to do with your littles. Doesn’t take all that much time, which is good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. And it doesn’t need a lot of water, so a dish works just as well as a bowl.)


In the setup, I had some cork trivets bringing the Skittle bowl closer to the camera trapped on a tripod. Water dripped on the top trivet and it looked neat.


I was pretty happy with the sharpness of focus I was able to get in this one. Used a series of tips I got in my online course that I hadn’t previously been able to figure out. Skill set slowly grows.

We have an art table in the living room, covered with white butcher paper so as to avoid Sharpie incidents. (That was Climbing Daddy, not The Kid, who both inadvertently Sharpied the table and wanted it to stay clean.)

Nice clean backdrop.

So I pulled out more of the candy. (These Skittles aren’t from the bowls—those were stripped of their color.)


Last, my favorite of the bunch:



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