My photography journey 13Oct19

Many school districts here have fall break. Mine is on a modified year-round schedule: teachers started in mid-July, students started a week later. By the end of September, the first quarter is over, and we get two weeks off.

The Kid’s district has a one-week break that coincided with the second week of mine (same as most districts in our local area).

We took a long weekend and went to Joshua Tree National Park and Knotts Berry Farm. Photos today are from Joshua Tree.

We’ve been to this park quite a few times in the last few years (three of those with The Kid) and it never gets old. Sometimes camping, sometimes just for a day, once climbing, usually scrambling, some hiking, a lot of driving (the park is enormous!). And it’s not very far from here.

We’re planning another trip in the spring.

Anyway, this was my first time there with the Nikon. I didn’t always carry it—scrambling and wearing a camera don’t go well together—but I did get some decent shots. Most of them are of details—I am slower on getting good landscape shots—but it was fun to walk through places we’ve walked before and see it differently.

Which is your favorite?


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