My photography journey 15Mar20

Joshua Tree! It’s such an amazing park! We’ve been so many times in recent years and I don’t get tired of it.

We were there for just a couple of days. The last day, there was mist and fog and light rain (and not-so-light-rain) and I didn’t get photos of that (I don’t have rain gear for my camera), but the rest of the time, it was lovely.

This is the back side of rocks that were right behind our campsite. The kids climbed up there quite a bit. (There is a route around on the right that doesn’t require use of the “ladder.”)


This log was actually longer and windier, but this was the best shot I could get. Still pretty neat.


I love plants growing out of rocks. (Except weeds growing out of my driveway. I don’t love those.)


A neat-looking branch. Looks a bit like a bird.


Actual bird! (This is the view to the front of our campsite. The views were non-stop.)


The moon was so pretty the one night we could see it. (Clouds and rain other nights.)



This baseball was under a bush in our campsite when we arrived.


Spring! Not as many flowers as I expected, but the ones that had come out were lovely.



We had quite a few bold, hungry critters in camp with us…



Good times! Fun place to take photos. Fun place to hike and scramble and climb and camp. Two thumbs up.

And the head image? A rattlesnake we passed in our travels. Pretty docile. Just waking up from winter. But we definitely didn’t test the limits of its sluggishness…

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