My photography journey 17May20

Today: people and plants!

I did a handful of porch sessions … and most of the photos from them just weren’t very good. (Frustrating and embarrassing.) I have a lot to learn about posing people! For one set, the poses were great but they were all out of focus. I figured out why (and know how to fix it), but not while I was on site.

I have trouble seeing if photos are in focus on my camera. Not sure how to remedy that so I don’t have this problem again.

Anyway, I also went to a friend’s front yard and took pictures in her fabulous enormous saguaro cactus. (I wasn’t in the cactus, but birds were.)

Onto the photos!

Sadly, I don’t have any great photos of her family (I will get better at coordinating poses), but she asked me to take a shot of her with her “I didn’t kill it!” plant.



This family is so cute and wanted their shots in front of the big cactus in their yard.



The pooch was in the family shots but not in the best ones, but he looks good here:




Not all shots are posed … or traditional.



The sun was harsh for these, but they’re good-looking people!



And—plants. Sharp, pointy plants. And the birds that love them.

These guys don’t look like what Saturday morning cartoons led me to believe woodpeckers look like.



Saguaro flowers are so stunning, and I love how the lighting in this one makes the flower stand out even more.



Finally, more of the mini-roses in our front yard.

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