My photography journey 1Nov20

Hey! I pulled out the Nikon today!

A road nearby has animal properties, and along a long section, there are sunflowers. I noticed on a walk a couple of weeks ago that the sunflowers were stunning with the sun setting behind them, and I wanted to see what I could capture.

Finally, today, I walked up there with the camera. The sun was too far set for what I wanted to do, but I got some fun shots otherwise.

The challenge in this location is that everything pictured is behind a chain link fence, so I’m limited on what my angles can be.

First, the sunflowers!

Then, the dead sunflowers (and others).

Then, the sky.

And finally, as I was walking home, I noticed this little guy just sitting there. I was surprised he didn’t take off, even as I changed settings on the camera and took multiple shots. You can see the chain link fence in this one, but I wasn’t going to get any closer and potentially scare him off.

It felt good to get in a bit of shooting today. Would like to do it more often and would also like not to stress myself out, so leaving it as a hope and not a plan. For now.

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