My photography journey 22Mar20

Well … I’ve done a lot of academic learning this week, with just a little photo-taking. But I’ve graduated to all photos being taken on manual mode, which is exciting and yields only marginally more failure than other not-fully-manual-but-not-point-and-shoot-either settings. Getting there!

Here’s what I have to share with you, all from the yard or the garage.

The lead photo is a ladybug who is probably not happy that we’re ripping out her habitat. (The yard has so many really tall weeds. There are many other plants the ladybugs are welcome to hang out on.)

One of the cool things about having fruit trees is seeing the progression of the fruit growing. All of these little flowers will be either oranges or key limes, depending on which tree, of course. I took a few shots of baby fruits, but they didn’t turn out well.


A chili pepper … and a little critter.


I love cacti. Eventually, we’ll have more on site. For now, a few will do.


And finally, The Climbing Daddy is building a table for the back patio! It’s a good project for “we can’t go anywhere anyway.”



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