My photography journey 22Nov20

The weather has been amazing (finally!) and we spent some time at a local park with a lake. The water critters were fun to see and to shoot.

Sadly, the turtles had caught fishing line.

Not far from the lake is a section of many rose bushes. The roses ran the gamut between ready to bloom, full bloom, and long since bloomed. They’re all beautiful.

I was excited to catch a couple of insects, too. Surprised to see a bee on a flower that far past its prime.

The Kid and I were making tea one morning and noticed how lovely the glass looked in the streaming morning sun. If I had planned to take a photo, I would have cleaned off the water spots first…

The lead image is from that same photo shoot—a potted plant in the kitchen that looked just lovely in the morning sun.

And finally, just a leaf.

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