My photography journey 28Feb21

Finally! I pulled the Nikon back out! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve actually taken pictures with something besides my phone, though I do get some good shots when it’s all I have and there’s a shot to be had. Like these:

It’s not the camera that takes the pictures, it’s the photographer (for better or for worse), but there are some things the phone’s camera can’t do.

Those are The Climbing Daddy’s bonsai (my favorite of the shots was not in crisp focus, sadly), a desert rose that hasn’t bloomed again but we haven’t killed it either, a spiderwort that The Climbing Daddy propagated from a clipping, and a succulent that is really cool-looking but I don’t know the name of it.

My struggle with focus is sometimes light-related. When it’s sunny, as it was when I took these shots, it’s hard to see them on the screen on my camera—same as trying to look at any backlit screen. I have tools in the camera to know if they’re bright enough (usually), but the focus is a bit of a crap shoot.

Also, we have all these cool plants and more and no great ideas for what to do with the yard. The Bermuda grass takes over wherever there’s water, growing around and then up into pots, and it’s maddening.

Anyway, while I was out there, the pooches were out there. They’re nearly always where we are, when they can be. And, of course, they followed me in.

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