My photography journey 5Jan20

The Kid was invited to a birthday party at a park yesterday. I took the Nikon and wandered off for a little while to snap some photos.

Not the best framing for this next one—it was the best I could do with what I had—but I had to capture the colors.

After dinner, The Climbing Daddy and I went back to the tumbleweed tree. I had some new things I wanted to try.

So: first time using all manual settings, first time using my new tripod, first time using very slow shutter speed (one second seemed to work best). And, using a tip I got in the photography course I’m taking, took all of them with a two-second timer to avoid blur from pushing the button.

(I created this post on my phone and the pics look small to me. Do they look small to you? I can go back and redo on a different device…)

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