My photography journey 5July20

A new month! The passage of time remains weird. For you, too?

I took a walk with Sir Nikolas Cameron—something I was doing very regularly, then stopped.

Why did I stop? A little bit because walking in the same places was getting a little tiresome, though I found enough new things to shoot in old places that this wasn’t too much an issue.

I had some issues with my heels/ankles getting tight and when I started running regularly again, I apparently wasn’t stretching enough and this problem started again. Walking agitated it once it was bothered, so my morning runs and afternoon walks stopped for a while.

It got way hotter. First thing in the morning or dusk or later in the evening are the best times now to do anything on foot outside. Dusk or later doesn’t get me very far from my house before it’s too dark to get good shots, and that time of day tends to be busy on the home front. I’ve not been going to bed early enough to feel decent when I wake up (and I seem to have lost the ability to sleep in), so many first-thing-in-the-morning activities have been replaced with relocating from bed to couch.


I went for a walk and took some pictures. And it was hot. And it was fun.


Some things were backlit that aren’t usually. Well, “usually” according to when I’m usually out. In reality, they’re backlit every morning.


I took a lot of pictures of flowers. Mostly alive ones. Most of the shots were fine—basics of lighting and focus were in place—they just weren’t that interesting. These are the two that I liked from the batch.


In a nearby front yard, I noticed a cactus had fallen. And then I noticed a path of pavers. The sun glare off the pavers was intense, but the shot came out OK anyway. Do you like better the color or the black and white?


At the end of the week, I did some learning about taking shots of fireworks.

Our town’s fireworks weren’t cancelled. Instead, they were at an abandoned mall a mile and change from here (where people could go park in the lot, stay in their cars, listen to music on the appropriate local station, enjoy the show with whomever was in their car). I figured we’d be able to see them from here pretty well—thinking both that they were in a different direction and that they’d be higher.

We could see them low to the horizon through the neighborhood trees. Not ideal for watching or for photos.

An hour before that, though, the neighbor was setting them off in the cul-de-sac. Silver lining was I could get a few shots.

That first one, of course, isn’t well-placed within the shot, but it otherwise looks nice, so I’m sharing it anyway.

I love the squiggles in this one.


This last one isn’t a great one of fireworks; I thought the silhouetted trees in front of them made for an interesting shot.


Have a great week! Might as well…

What creative projects are you working on now?

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