My photography journey 8Nov20

The Climbing Daddy had picked up a few cactus clippings that he was planning to root. They sat in a cardboard box on the table on the back patio for a week or less, waiting for attention. He went out to do something with them and found a friend in the box:

She’s the fifth one we’ve seen since moving to this house three years ago. Not even red yet in the hourglass. Kind of neat that the hourglass matches the box.

They’re loners and don’t really want to mess with you any more than you want them to mess with you. And I wouldn’t care too much, depending on where they’re hanging out, but they’re going to make babies, and we really don’t need a whole bunch of them. They’re already coming from somewhere, and that is probably enough.

The lead photo is of a flower that landed on a cactus in the box. Fun lighting.

It’s finally not hot (it was 99 three days ago, 77 yesterday, 64 as I’m writing), and it’s overcast. There’s so much sun here—overcast days are really nice. (I’m not complaining a bit about the sun! Just saying that the change is nice.)

This morning, The Kid and I walked to the park. I took the camera but didn’t end up taking any photos while we were there.

Birds sat on the streetlight on our way back. I pulled out the camera and took a few shots. Then messed with one of them when we got home. The first one is straight from the camera. The overcast sky really lent itself to this shot. I also kinda like it in silhouette. Which do you prefer?

The Kid avoids walking on the sidewalk whenever possible.

The Climbing Daddy saw a woodpecker in the neighbor’s tree while I was at work the other day. He grabbed my camera and took a few shots. Fortunately, the settings were such that the photos came out OK—a little overexposed in the background but the bird is in decent shape. (I’ve since showed him how to flip it to automatic, if he’s using it just because he needs a better zoom than his camera.)

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