My photography journey 9Aug20

The house next door has an odd little courtyard-ish area by the front door that might be big enough for a bistro table and two chairs, though there’s no hope of air flow. It used to have a fountain in it. Our new neighbor put in some flamingoes.

The Kid and I took a walk around the neighborhood one morning and brought Sir Nikolas Cameron along. The bougainvillea have outlasted pretty much any other flowering plant and are losing their flowers. (I’ve seen some photos of cacti in bloom now, but those varieties weren’t on our path.) Summer in the desert.


While there aren’t many flowers, many plants are, miraculously, still green.



This one is obviously very cropped. I loved the reflection of the cactus. When I showed this shot to The Climbing Daddy, he commented on it being tall and skinny. I showed him the original (including the house behind it, their trash can, water stains on the block wall, and more), and he agreed that the tall skinny was much better.


(I can see the whole shot in one look on my tablet but not on my computer.)

The Tall Daddy came over one evening. We went swimming, had pizza, and played Pictionary. I kept Nikki out and took a few shots during down time.



This one I love in both color and black and white.


Finally, I’ve been playing with Photoshop some more, when the intersection of time and brain space permits.

As I’m walking around the neighborhood snapping shots, I don’t want to include people’s house number, license plate, or other potentially identifying information. Which has stopped me from taking this shot for all of COVID.


Now that I am able to get rid of the house number, I can snap and share with you!

This sign I just noticed the other day and loved it. Ironically, it’s hanging out in front of a house with quite a bit of yard decor.


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