Writing, gut feelings, photography nonsense

I have some drafts that are nearly done that I could have finished up and shared today, but they all have something about them that doesn’t feel right for sharing right now.

I don’t know what it is, but in cases like this, I defer to the gut feeling.

(As a person who has some anxiety issues, the gut is not always reliable. In cases like today, even if I’m being led astray, it’s not a big deal.)

Instead … how about tales from a game?

I re-joined a photography game app that I had quit when the school year started. Came in the top 10% of one of the challenges (several thousand entries), which was some good external validation.

Of course, it’s a game, and you can (literally) buy exposure which will get you more votes unless your photo is really bad, so I take awards with a grain of salt. But I’ve had other photos that had plenty of exposure (as far as the game will let me see) that haven’t come in the top 30%, so there’s that.

And no, I don’t buy it.

Each challenge has a theme, though, and too many people post photos that aren’t in the theme. I sometimes report them as off-topic (there’s a mechanism in the app for that). Depends on how irritated I am, I guess. (Probably partially depends on what my work week has been like. Follow the damn directions!)

The app allows for certain nudity, but those photos are labeled as “adult.” As a user, I can choose to see or not see those photos. Usually, they’re of topless or naked women. (Nursing women are not “adult,” thankfully.) But occasionally a dick pic finds its way in.

I always report the dick pics as off topic; they’re tasteless and I’m tired of toxic men. Except for the challenge with the theme “Things that start with D.”

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