My photography journey 22Sept19

I took a walk through the neighborhood. It’s a route that I’ve walked, run, biked, driven hundreds of times.

I saw new things.

Now, things that involve critters wouldn’t necessarily have been there before, but these palm trees?

They’ve always been stair steps like that. I just never noticed. (Not my favorite photo.)

This guy was a cool spot! I could have adjusted camera settings to get him looking brighter, but they don’t stay perched long. (And indeed, almost immediately after I snapped this one, he was gone.)

Palm trees are all over the place here (sadly). But this one had enough layers (read: hasn’t been trimmed in a while) that it was neat to shoot up.

Fun angle

Same-ish shot up next, with two different focal points. Can’t decide which I like better. You?

Saguaro cactus with a hole, up close. Skeleton inside. So cool.

Different side of the same cactus. No arms on this one.

I was completely taken by this one. Can’t articulate why.

And, just as I was approaching home, I saw this guy up there. Didn’t notice the one peeking around on the right until I was looking at the photos!

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