1Aug21 photos: fire, dog, not together

After last week’s post, a local friend gave me a gadget I could potentially use to hold the matches, ideally yielding a better finished product.

It definitely worked. I’ve still not captured exactly what I see in my mind’s eye, but these are better than last week.

The lighting and the background are different as well, so more than one variable at play here.

First, here’s what the setup looked like:

Butcher paper on the desk, held with painters tape: small detail that makes life happy.

The results?

This one is as-is compared with turning up the warmth, which brings out more of the reds and oranges. It’s dark, so the differences are fairly subtle. Fun to play with.

And some with a different background but an otherwise identical setup

So many details in those that I love. Any of them stand out to you?

Shifting away from fire…

We bought what’s essentially a plush dog house, intended for the dog who prefers to spend his days under the couch. He has sniffed it once or twice, but the other dog loves napping in there.

I couldn’t decide if I preferred color or black and white. You?

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