27June21 photos: candy still life

I decided to change the recurring title of these posts to give a small idea of what’s in them. I’m not going back and editing over a year’s worth of them, but that will be in place from today forward.


I’m in a decluttering challenge, and it was time for the candy to be used and tossed. I’ve saved these pieces from Halloween or birthday party goody bags specifically for the purpose of photography, but they’ve been on hand a long time. (When was the last time there was a birthday party?!) I decided to play with them, then throw them away.

It was a lot of fun! And I learned a lot in doing it. Many of the shots I set up just weren’t that interesting when I was looking at them afterwards, especially in the monochromatic sets. But I have a pretty good idea as to why and how to make them better next time.

Rocket Kid was excited to set some up as I was getting started. These are his designs, my photos. He very much enjoyed the shadows from the (too) bright side light. The lead photo is his hand setting up the first shot below.

I enjoyed playing with shadows as well.

The Starburst had more texture than I’ve ever noticed.

Making monochromatic sets was fun, even if many of the shots didn’t turn out well. I also had some translucent plastic sheets in a few colors and played with the blue (first shot) and orange (second shot) over the light.

Other macro

And a landscape scene, such as it is.

All in all, I messed around for a couple of hours and had a great time doing it!

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