4July21 photos: small wooden goats, and clouds

Most of my photographs not of people have been of things I’ve seen in my travels. I notice things, but I rarely create them.

I’ve been working on creating more, setting up still-life-type of situations, and then taking shots.

The struggle with this, at least for me, is that it requires a different way of thinking. And it has more lighting considerations. I don’t always have the patience for the lighting considerations, though they’re critical.

The problem here was more that I had no ideas.

“Mom, I can make some impressions of things in my silly putty and you can take pictures of that!”

Hmm. I was going to do something(s) with a deck of cards. In addition to standard decks in plain, Peanuts, and dinosaurs, we have a deck to play matching or memory. The pictures on them are of candy, and I thought that would be a fun follow-up to last week’s candy photos.

I took them all out, laid them out by pairs … and had no ideas. After messing with them for a few minutes, I put them away and took out a bag of generic pawns and Mountain Goats, a fun little board game by BoardGameTables.com. (Link is not affiliate—I just like the game.)

I set up the red goats with the red pawn…

…then added yellow in opposition.

Green joined in the fray.

I lined up the goats side by side and butt to butt.

While I was working on these, Climbing Daddy popped in and asked if I’d taken pictures yet, that there was a great cloud bank out front.

It’s hard to get good shots of the clouds around here because of all of the houses and such. But I love the thunderheads and spent all summer last year trying to get good shots of these beautiful puffy clouds. I got one shot that turned out good enough.

Have a great week! If you have any requests for random things around the house to shoot, let me know. I’ll consider all requests, but I made no guarantees.

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