Go make a ruckus

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’ve been reading and listening to a fair amount of Seth Godin lately.

He ends his podcasts with “Go make a ruckus.” In other words, take what you have to offer, and offer it.

Another piece of that, though, is that work that isn’t good won’t spread. (Lots of angles on the word “good,” but I don’t want to get stuck on that here.)

If what you write resonates with people, it will spread.

I am not a marketer, in many respects. (We’re all marketers in some ways. Another post for another day.) A handful of years ago, my business failed. Not because I didn’t have value to offer—I’m an excellent teacher, speaker, coach, mentor—but because I didn’t have the know-how (or the courage, if I’m being totally honest) to put myself out there.

I’m not totally sure where “out there” is.

I’ve always been an introvert. I’m perfectly content to stay home. (My husband is the driving force on adventures and travel.) I’ve never been into almost anything in pop culture. (I came of age in the 80s without ever having big hair or stonewashed jeans … though I did have lots of neon and a pair of parachute pants.) So looking for places that people go or talking about things people talk about is foreign to me. Still.

So this is my thing: I don’t know how to discern between “it’s stagnant because it’s not that good” and “it’s stagnant because these things take time” or “it’s stagnant because it hasn’t ‘resonated with the cool kids’ yet.”

My request of you: if you’re enjoying what you’re reading, share it with someone else who might enjoy it. I can be added to an RSS feed. I can be followed on Facebook. You can get on my mailing list if you’re not already (one email per week, with links from that week—no spam—this is my hobby, not my livelihood).

In return, I’ll do my best to add value to your life, to make worthwhile the time you spend here reading.

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