I like sweating

A workout definitely feels more accomplished if I’m sweating hard at the end.

Of course, the photo was taken after an outdoor run the other morning. It was hot and sunny, so the sweat wasn’t really indicative of the run being harder than the same run in the winter, but it still feels better.

(In the winter, I’m faster, so that is the feel-good part about running in the winter.)

(Everyone is faster in the winter here, when the temperatures are reasonable. The heat makes you slower.)

(Also, it just sucks less to run when it’s not blistering hot.)

All that said, if I’m dressed up, I don’t like to be sweating.

When I’m traveling from one school to another during my work day, I’m not happy to be sweating.

But working out? Oh, yeah!

This was a struggle I had with swimming. Of course you still sweat when you swim, but you can’t feel it because you’re in water (which actually makes dehydration a bigger risk). And I want to feel sweaty!

Also, I tend to run cold. If I’m in a room and am comfortable, odds are good that most of the other people in the room are warm. It takes a lot before I sweat. I’ve been in spin (cycling) classes with a jacket on for the first 15 minutes of class before I was warm enough to be not cold. (Not typical, but not unheard of, either.)

So. Tis the season to feel like I worked out more, just because I’m pouring sweat when I’m done.

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