Meanderings: sports, energy, deafness

We went to another Mercury game (WNBA) and there was so much energy in the arena.

Years ago, I went to a Suns playoff game and the space was loud 100% of the time.

Baseball games sometimes get there, when either something exciting happens or the game is high stakes or both.

And it got me to wondering if the energy comes through the noise. Would a person who is deaf experience the energy? Some of it is just being invested in the outcome, for sure, but not all of it. As a performer, noise is feedback, and it makes a difference.

Along similar lines, would an introvert who is deaf be less overwhelmed by that sort of event than an otherwise equal hearing person?

Yes, the noise creates vibration that can be felt, but not to the same extent, I would assume. Perhaps I assume wrong. Places my brain goes…

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