My photography journey 8Sept19

Well … I didn’t take any pictures this week. Not with the Nikon.

I told you about the course I joined. Well, I didn’t watch a lesson last week. I didn’t take pictures last week. I didn’t run last week. (I did lift and climb, though.) I didn’t get enough sleep or eat very well last week. It was a heck of a week.

But today, I learned more about photo editing.

I have been of the opinion that edited photos should have a different title, that if you can get what you want by knowing how to manipulate the camera, credit should be different than getting what you want by using software well. They’re really different skills, in my opinion, and the products of each should be labeled differently.

That said, I am understanding more why photos are edited, how there are limitations in digital photography that didn’t exist in film, and we’re making up for that.

I still maintain my position—edited photos should have a different title, even if the editing is for legit reasons—but I don’t believe any more that all edited photos are the result of lazy or unskilled photography.

With that said, software is on my wish list.

The lead photo today was taken a couple of weeks ago. The Kid and I went for a quick hike to see if we could get some good shots of the sunset. He took his Nikon (a friend gifted him his old Coolpix), I took mine, and we hiked and photographed together.

(I know now how to manipulate the camera to take the same photo completely in silhouette, if I wanted it that way. I wouldn’t need to edit it to make it so.)

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