My photography journey 12Apr20

Lots of photos this week!

First, a walk around the neighborhood with the camera. There’s a house with scads of roses that we’ve biked by a couple of times. I finally remembered to walk over and take some pictures.

Quite a few came out well, but they’re dull. Photographs of roses. Here are a few that I liked better than the others.


On the same walk, photos of other things I passed by.



The Climbing Daddy brought flowers home the last time he went to the store. They always make willing subjects.


There was a full moon on Tuesday. I was hoping to get some shots when it was low in the sky, as it was a different-than-typical color, but none of those came out well. (Didn’t have a good starting place, with all of the houses around and nowhere close by to get over them.)


Our neighbor down the street has a beautifully manicured desert landscape. This cactus bloomed maybe two weeks ago and, sadly, I didn’t get any shots. The flowers only stay open for a day or two. You can see all of the buds where flowers were.

I was so happy to see one straggler flower bloom near the end of this last week!


Another cactus in their yard has new growth on top, and the color difference is neat to see.


Finally, I’ve decided that the Nikon needs a name. Suggestions?

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