My photography journey 14June20

The days all kind of blend together. The walks and runs and bike rides. For you, too?

That said, early last week, the weather was amazing, particularly for June here in the Valley of the Sun. One morning, I took a walk through the neighborhood and to the canal to see if I could get any shots (ideally good shots) of the turtles that live in the canal. I see them walking, running, biking, but never when I have Sir Nikolas Cameron with me.

It was so lovely that morning—breezy, sunny, not hot (though definitely nowhere near cool)—I ended up out there for two hours!

I did see a couple of turtles, but they’re both skittish and fast, so my shots weren’t that great. Also: ducks!


Many lovely and/or interesting things to photograph though, besides turtles. As we wind down the season where much is in bloom:


And, of course, there are always some that have long since given up:


Some of the cactus are still blooming. I really love the cacti whether they’re blooming or not. Desert plants are fascinating.


A school I pass by when I go through the neighborhood has a sizable garden in front where they’re growing grapes, among other things.



There are always other random things around, which is interesting, because I’m usually on the same stretch of canal and the same bits of the neighborhood. It’s all about how you look at things…


I love how the sun was shining through these seed pods.



The Climbing Daddy and The Kid went for a bike ride, and I went for a photo-taking walk one evening. Besides shots in evening light, I got a few of them.



Walking home, it was well past sundown but not quite completely dark yet. Passing through the school parking lot, I passed a palm tree on the other side of the school fence, in that ugly sodium light. Made for an interesting shot.



Have a good week! Stay healthy, engage in some introspection, and I’ll be back with more photos (and, in the mean time, more words).

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