My photography journey 7June20

The Kid did a couple of weeks of art camp at Burst of Butterflies last summer and very much enjoyed it, so we signed up for a few more weeks this year.

With all that’s going on, they were able to create an online option (which I was wary of, to be honest); his first week was last week.

It was well-organized and ran fairly smoothly. He needed some help, but after the first day, my help was minimal. And he made some cool stuff. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend them!


But ask him if you can take his picture and you’re likely to get something like this:



Of course, there continue to be walks through the neighborhood and along the canal. I was pretty excited to see this guy and equally excited that he stuck around for a while and posed.


As usual, photos of the flowers and other things I passed by.


Often, we have amazing sunsets in this area, probably from all the dust. The evening I was out walking, what I was offered and was able to capture wasn’t too shabby.



Finally, my first attempt at long-exposure shots while playing with sparklers yielded decent results. Have work to do to do better, and the super hero was happy with the results of his last pose.


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