My photography journey 23Aug20

People who exercise a ton on the weekends and not at all during the week are often called Weekend Warriors.

Lately, I’m a photography Weekend Warrior.

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing this cutie pie. She lost both her front teeth, and her mama was lamenting the loss of school pictures this year.

They’re not school pictures, but they’re pretty cute.

Last night, we had a rainless lightning storm. I’ve never tried to shoot lightning before, and all of my photos came out very dark, a combination of user error and the lightning somewhat obscured by clouds. I had them here initially and decided that if you need to crank the brightness on your screen to see anything besides a black rectangle, perhaps they’re not worth posting…

A friend has an amazing huge saguaro in front of her house. Unfortunately, two of the arms broke off. We’re hoping the rest of the plant can stay healthy. (The image at the top of today’s post is my favorite from this lot.)

Their yard has other plants as well—mostly cactus.

I’m always impressed by the tenaciousness of desert plants, especially with this summer’s record heat (and not much relief in sight yet).

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