My photography journey 30Aug20

This morning, wanting to take some photos but also feeling very lazy and uninspired, I said to The Kid, “Hey! I haven’t taken pictures all week. Do you want to make a scene with your LEGO that I can take pictures of?”

He was enthusiastic! After setting a few parameters on size, he went to work and came back with a mountain with a crown of clouds in a jungle. After seeing a shot of it, he added two trees in the background. Then took the backdrop to his work space and added a cloud. Finally took the mountain to add a waterfall and a river. The low shot of the river is his favorite (left side, second from the bottom).

While he took parts and modified them, I took pictures of other things on the porch (where we were shooting).

We have quite a few potted plants. Most of them are plain old terra cotta pots, but only because outfitting the whole lot of them in pots like this isn’t cost-effective. A couple of pots at a time, the yard will be transformed…

And the errant extension cord…

We have an outdoor papasan, and in an effort to keep it usable for longer, it has a cover. The Kid is endlessly delighted that water beads up on it and he can race the beads across it just by tilting it. So we played with water just a little.

Finally, there was a shot from last week that I forgot to share! I had been out in the front yard, attempting pictures of lightning. I didn’t get any that were worth sharing but I did get a neat shot of our front door before I came back inside.

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