My photography journey 25Apr21

Since it’s been nice out, we’ve been eating on the back patio.

“Nice out” is relative. We have curtains hanging on the west side of the patio to block the late afternoon sun. This time of year, it’s hot in the sun and pleasant in the shade. When it’s a dry heat, the shade makes a difference. (When it’s 115º, the difference isn’t enough to make it comfortable, but direct sun baking in warm-to-hot weather is always worse than being shaded. This is why people park in far-from-the-building parking spots in the summer, if there’s shade.)

Anyway, after dinner one night, Rocket Kid was playing behind the curtain. It was casting some cool silhouettes, so I went and grabbed the Nikon.

The sun sets fast, and the house next door conceals the sun well before it’s down.

I didn’t get the shot I wanted in the time allotted—and the model’s willingness to pose waned faster than the sunshine—but I got a couple that were decent:

This one is darker than I’d like. How does it show up on your screen?

And then I started messing with editing them. This is similar to the one above, but it’s not the same shot. I might take it and fill in the silhouette with more black at some point, but this week was not time-friendly for that much messing around.

And a bare foot shot:

And a phone shot of one of the dogs, posing in the morning sunlight.

If you enjoy my photography posts, you might enjoy HRK Photos, a project that Rocket Kid and I are undertaking together. Check it out here.

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