My photography journey 27Dec20

It turns out, yesterday was Sunday, so I’m posting a day late, but I have photos! And I want to share! And it’s winter break, so today is kinda like Sunday anyway.

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers … and didn’t think to pull out the Nikon. (The last couple of weeks have used a lot of bandwidth…) When many but not all of them had wilted, I pulled out the few that still looked good and put them in a smaller vase.

I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with an adorable boy. We were hoping there wouldn’t be people around so we could shoot without a mask, and indeed, there was not a person to be seen.

For Christmas, I got a set of extension tubes for Sir Nikolas Cameron. Those allow me to take macro (very close-up) shots without a dedicated lens. I’m so excited! Now I can capture super-small details. I’ve brought it out twice, and I have much room to improve, but this is a lot of fun!

To give you an idea of the zoom factor, here are two close-up shots of the tumbleweed tree in Chandler. (Not the exact same shot twice.) One is with the regular (18-55mm) lens. The other is with all three tubes on the larger (70-200mm) lens.

Cool, right? Harder to maneuver the camera and to focus, and I really need to use a tripod (which I didn’t, but I will). I also like in that first photo that you can see the real color of the tumbleweed and the painted color.

Tree bark, flower, dog nose, dog eye.

Bolt on a sliding board, Christmas light on a white pole, Santa decoration on our tree.

There will be more of these! Many more! But not today.

Have a good week! Enjoy the last days of 2020. Seriously. Why not?

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