Photos with the new camera, USA edition

The other day, I shared some photos from British Columbia, Canada, that I had taken with my new camera.

While I don’t plan to share pictures from every batch I take, that trip was actually two parts—Canada and the northeast US.

This crop of photos is from Ocean City and Washington’s Crossing State Park, both in New Jersey, followed by a few from a farm we visited in Pennsylvania.


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  1. You know … we all carry around our biases. For me, one I’ve held unconsciously for many years was that New Jersey is an ugly industrial state. Why would anyone call it the Garden State. And the people are certainly rude. I know better at this point in life, and yet that’s a bias I continued to carry around until last week.
    As it turns out, New Jersey is a beautiful and green state. It has wonderful tomatoes and other produce. The pine barrens, which is a massive area with pine trees (a national preserve) filters the aquifer which contains some of the purest water in the US … in New Jersey!!! And the people are kind and friendly and polite.
    Now I am sure there are rude people in New Jersey (there are those everywhere). And the part right across the river from New York City is very industrial. But, the point is, I was once again reminded to check my biases and educate myself before assuming. Enjoy the pictures!


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