Recent podcasts I’ve loved

I listened to and loved two very different podcasts recently.

The first, titled Not really having this argument, was from Akimbo by Seth Godin. It’s only about 18 minutes long (the subsequent 10 or so minutes are follow-up questions from the previous episode, though there was one in there that I also found compelling, so keep listening after “the end”). I’ve listened to it three times. He talks about something I knew already but couldn’t have articulated most of the time, and I want to do a better job remembering it. So I’ve listened to it every few days.

The second is from Armchair Expert and is a live show with Dan Savage. I love Dan, and I love Armchair Expert, so this was a mashup of two of my favorite podcasts. If you’re not familiar with Dan Savage or Dax Sheperd, let me give you a heads up that the language isn’t clean and the content isn’t PG, but it’s fantastic to listen to.

Their fact check at the end (as they do with all of their episodes) is somewhat tedious for the first few minutes (but I had already heard Dan talk about what they were talking about, so maybe you’ll find it more interesting?), but then they fact checked the story about the girl who got pregnant from oral sex and it was true. So keep listening just for that, if nothing else. Super interesting (and no, obviously not something that the majority of us need to worry about, as you’ll see if you tune in).

Has anything you’ve listened to or watched or read really connected with you lately?

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