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August 1 marked nine months of a post here every day. I made it through the holidays, through the end of the school year, through 2.5 weeks out of town, and now through the beginning of the school year. I feel pretty good about that!

There are posts I’ve written that I think are pretty excellent and other posts that I just hope are not anyone’s first introduction to my writing.

(But… which posts I love and which posts you love, based on your likes and comments, often don’t match. So there’s that.)

Within my goal of spending more time writing, I’m writing quite a bit of blog and not very much book. But I want to finish the book. I really want to finish the book.

On the other hand, I feel proud of having maintained this blog daily.

So this is what I’ve decided. I’m going to continue with a post every day through Halloween. That’ll complete the year. (I started on November 1, 2018.)

I’m going to drop to three posts per week and spend the other days writing my book.

Because time is finite, and energy is finite, and most days, I can’t spend my best mental energy on writing because I have to get up and go to work. The point of that is just that I’m already working on reduced brain power almost all the time when I write, and I can’t siphon more time out of the even-less-brain-power time that’s left. It won’t be anything worth reading, and it will be tedious to write. Lose-lose.

So I’ll keep the same time I have and use it differently. When the book is done, perhaps I’ll come back to my daily blog habit. Too far out to make that call now.

And if you’re enjoying my writing and will be sad to have installments less often, it’s just practice in delayed gratification, because at some point, there will be a whole book!

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