Actions and reactions: Newton was wrong

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Clearly Newton was not in the social sciences.

I saw a bumper sticker:

Keep talking, I’m reloading

Besides poor punctuation…

What makes one an acceptable response to the other?!

I’m completely flabbergasted by transgressions, real or perceived, that some people regard as sufficient to shoot someone.

Yes, I understand it’s a bumper sticker. (And you’re also not likely to start a conversation with the car in front of you…) But I also live in the wild west—no, Arizona has not really matured since its induction to The Union—and I see and hear this sentiment frequently. To say nothing of national news.

People. We need to make everything a little less egocentric. Adults often talk about how selfish kids are, particularly toddlers and teenagers, but we, as a group, aren’t much better.

This goes back to boundaries. Let us set them, let us maintain them, let us be peaceful.

And let us calm down with regards to other people’s quirks.

There was a lot of colorful language edited out of today’s post. Oh my goodness.


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