The sunsets in Arizona are pretty consistently amazing.

When I lived back east, there was occasionally a sunset that really made you stop and just take it in, but here, it happens regularly. Almost daily.

After living here for almost 16 years, I’ve not tired of it.

I’m sure the photo I used for this post isn’t the best sunset photo I’ve taken, but after weeks of taking one or more from the top of the bleachers at The Kid’s track practices, I liked the shot through the fence. Something a little different.

It’s also kinda fun to look at all of the pics from all of the weeks and just see how the sunset has changed. Colors, position of the sun against the horizon, state of the trees.

Besides getting a little exercise running the bleachers, my sunset photo attempts give me a little something to look forward to at track practice.

The sunrises here are also phenomenal. In the winter, the sun is just coming up over the mountains as I drive to work. (Always driving; no pics.) I’m not a big fan of being up that early, but it’s a perk of the commute to have that view for the couple of minutes that I travel east.

(By this time of year, I’m just blinded by the sun that’s up but not high.)

Grateful to have beautiful sunrises and sunsets to admire here, even if the sun is otherwise not so friendly for several months each year.


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