We need more silliness

Rocket Kid made a discovery.

If he takes the stability ball (which we had out for him to sit and bounce on during school online)… 

…and puts it on the trampoline (which is in the corner of the living room—highly recommend for all high-energy children)…

…he can lean over the ball backwards and roll towards the corner and touch his head to the floor in the bit of space between the trampoline and the corner.

He can do the same thing forwards, but, by self report, it’s harder to get back out that way.

I’ll take his word for it.

He was delighted at this discovery and repeated his demonstration more times than I really needed to see it.

What I took from it is that I need a little more silliness in my life. Doing things that are fun and make no sense just because they’re fun.

I don’t know yet what that looks like. I’m sure it’s not back-bending over a ball into the corner, but I hope to find half as much delight in whatever it is.

(And I’m sure I will be invited into silliness and need only to accept the invitation…)

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