What are your monthly expenses?

Today’s post is really just fluff. We’re not going to talk about yours (or my) monthly expenses. I just heard a little tidbit that gave me pause and I thought I’d chat with you about it.

I was listening to a podcast that isn’t about budgeting at all and they mentioned that Shaq’s monthly expenses amount to $825,000. (It was an episode of Under the Influence, a super-interesting Canadian-based podcast about marketing, and I can’t find which episode. It’s not where I thought it was…)

That’s … more than teaching has paid me cumulatively in my career. I can’t empathize with needing to do commercials so that I can pay the bills when the bills are that extensive.

I mean, I understand it on a very basic money-in-money-out way. And picking up odd jobs to make money. But on a much smaller scale.

What do you think?



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