When is the best deal not the best deal?

Who isn’t on a budget?

The economy’s been bad, budgets are a little (or a lot) tight. Everyone wants to get the best deal possible.

Sometimes, though, getting the most quantity for your dollar isn’t really the best value.

A cheap meal from a fast food restaurant is not a better deal than a slightly pricier one from a restaurant that serves fresh food.

Packaged food from the dollar store sure costs less than the equivalent at the local grocery store (and way less than at the health food store!) but you get what you pay for.

Go to Costco and you can get a great deal on way too many chips.

The problem with these “great deals” is that they’re on food that aren’t ideal to be eating in large quantities. (You could argue they’re foods you don’t want to be eating at all, but I’m looking to the “moderation” mindset.) Getting twice as many fries for only 20 cents more (or whatever) is really just selling out your body for twenty cents.

“I got 400 pieces of fried chicken for $10!” Yeah. But how much does it cost you down the line?

I know—we’re all about instant gratification. But there are very few middle-aged to older people who are sick in some way who say, “Yes, I knew this was coming, I did it to myself, and I’m glad I did.”

Mostly, we attribute it all to getting older. It’s all unavoidable.


Big difference between normal wear and tear and breaking down from years of abuse.

Treating ourselves badly is so common that we often don’t even see it. And really, how many people are mentally or emotionally strong enough to say, “I am responsible for my sickness”? The only people we’re allowed to blame are smokers, right? For everyone else, it’s just dumb luck.

People think I am crazy for giving up added sugars for any period of time. (Sometimes a week, sometimes a month, occasionally though rarely longer.) Sugar is toxic. But it’s common and it’s tasty and we’ve been trained to believe we deserve it and/or we can’t have fun or celebrate without it.

Change your mindset to change your life. Be wary of great deals on junk food.

You can do it. One step at a time. 

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