You never know what people will like

Today’s writing offers you a nudge to put yourself out there a bit if you have some ideas or some work and you’re afraid to share it.

You never know what people will like.

Some of the things I have worked the hardest on have received no response.

Some of the things I’ve dashed off in a hurry or not even in seriousness have received loads of love.

I’m not talking about selling—I’m simply talking about taking something in you and putting it outside. Writing. Painting. Music. Dance. Drawing. Fiber work. Video. Countless media.

I’m beyond half way in 100 Days of Art, a series where I’m sharing via email visual art I make with those who subscribed, my “fans” as the email client calls them.

The other day, I took photos of curls of cheese that I had just grated onto some beans as part of my lunch. I loved how they curled. 

I debated and second-guessed whether I should send one of these photos to my fans. It really felt like early Instagram—sending a photo of my lunch. Who wants to see that?

Because I couldn’t decide which of two shots to send, I sent both … and received several responses of delight! Because I’m not the only person who sees little curls of cheese and smiles. 

And because it’s likely that some of these people are of the same mindset on some of the photos. Do we all match on all of them? Probably not. But some of us match on all of them, and all of us match on some of them.

I’m in an accountability group with a person who is thinking about putting together a book based on a journal of things they’ve collected over the course of two years or so. I don’t have a good idea as to what’s in the journal, but I think it’s physical objects in addition to writing.

But they’re hesitant because they’re afraid it won’t be interesting. 

First of all—make it because you’re drawn to making it. It’s interesting to you, and that’s all you need to make it.

Second of all—it will be interesting to some people and not to others. Some of my best friends will never read this post because my writing doesn’t interest them. Doesn’t mean that the writing isn’t interesting, nor does it mean they’re bad friends. It’s just not their thing. And that’s OK. 

What do you have in you that’s scratching to get out? Tell me. Then go start it. Even though it feels scary. Go start.

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