A new use for the texting device

Is it an introvert thing or a thing of people with social anxiety to hate making phone calls? I recognize it’s irrational, and I generally don’t mind talking on the phone once I’m engaged in a conversation, but making a call? Terrible.

A week prior, a friend had texted.

“Have you talked to [mutual friend] lately?”

“Not in the last week or so. Why?”

“I texted her a few days ago and haven’t heard back from her yet.”

“I’m on Facebook right now. I’ll shoot her a message.”

I did. Several days later, when that message was still marked unread, I sent a text.

It’s not unusual for her not to reply for a couple of days, but more days passed than I was comfortable with. I also knew that her husband and one of her kids had had COVID and hoped she was still healthy.

I checked back in.

“Hey—have you heard back from [mutual friend] yet?”


“I’m a little worried and I’m not sure what to do.”

I texted another friend.

“Hey. I contacted [mutual friend] last week via Facebook Messenger and then via text and both are still unread and I’m worried and not sure what to do.”

Then, the kicker.

“Have you called her?”

I laughed out loud. It had never occurred to me to call her. 

“My phone-phobic brain is rationalizing by saying that the text and the call are on the same device so why send a second when I already sent the first? But my rational brain says yes, go call!”

I called. She answered.

“The person who hates making phone calls is calling me!”

We ended up talking for 45 minutes.

I confirmed she’s OK, and I added a new tool to my kit: making a phone call.

3 thoughts on “A new use for the texting device”

  1. Calling people was never a problem for me when I was younger, but since we’ve gone so digital, it’s a tremendous source of anxiety for me. For nearly a year, I have put off calling to close a credit card, even though I know it would probably be a quick five-minute call. I’m glad you did it; it sounds liked it was time well spent 🙂

    • It was indeed time well-spent. Younger, it depended on who I was calling. And I always hoped that the person I wanted to talk to was the one who would answer the phone, which isn’t so much an issue any more. (Also, I’ve closed my credit cards via snail mail.)


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