Let’s not make average harder than it is

A week or so ago, I wrote about being a runner. But a runner who is not very fast, doesn’t run far (relative to Runners), and likes but doesn’t love running.

It got me to thinking … the mindset applies to just about anything.

You can do stuff just because you like to do it without either loving it or being particularly good at it. Just enjoy the process.

You can do stuff that you don’t love (but don’t hate) and don’t want to do in greater quantity simply  because it’s good for you.

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure from Out There to love everything! and find your passion! and really … that doesn’t apply to all people or all activities.

You can eat food that is not amazing. You can do activities that you’re just somewhat interested in. Your job can be good enough.

If we all try to excel (or give the appearance thereof), we don’t all become above average—we just make “average” harder to attain. (Math, people! We can’t all be above average!)

Do stuff just because you want to try it out for a while. Let your kid be interested in an activity without it being Olympic prep.

Of course, some people some of the time need to be above average, or will have a drive for a particular thing that will push them farther. But for most people most of the time? Average is OK.


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