Ding dong! My hair is gone!

When you think about the 80s, one of the first things that probably pops into your head is big hair, Aqua Net, or something in that vein.

I grew up in the 80s, and I never had big hair.

That’s my evidence for how little I care about doing my hair.

It was long throughout my childhood and well into college, at which point I decided that it was too much work (and I never did anything with it except a pony tail anyway) and cut it short.

That version of short would be way too long for me nowadays. Over time, it got shorter and shorter.

Chemo, of course, led to it falling out. I didn’t wait for it to start falling out before I buzzed it, and the worst part about it falling out was that it was patchy.

A year or so ago, I wore it spiky for a few months. That was the most high-maintenance I’ve ever been with my hair and the only time I’ve ever used crap in it on a regular basis.

Fast forward to this past December: I missed my hair cut. Then I couldn’t get an appointment in January. And I don’t even remember all the things that happened, but eventually, my hair was long enough that I thought maybe I’d grow it out and see how it looked.

Once it got long enough, I started using tiny alligator clips to hold the bangs back. (I recently learned they’re called alligator clips.) I had them on hand from an orchid; they had been holding it to the support post in the pot. The orchid was long since gone, but I still had the clips.

Eventually, the hair was too much for those little clips.

I went and got it cut but in a different style than I’d had before. Was cute, but within a week the bangs were bothering me again. I wasn’t going to go for another cut a week after I’d just had one, so I just buzzed it all off.

And life is happy.

I can wear my sunglasses on my head (not possible with the alligator clips).

I don’t need to wear a bandana when I run (since we’re having extended spring; I’ll use one when I start sweating hard again).

Because I don’t need a bandana for exercise, if The Climbing Daddy and I go out after exercising, I don’t have to wear a bandana or hat or something.

I don’t need to do anything to it when I get up. Or at any other point during the day.

I can cut it myself.

Super-short hair is excellent! I don’t remember why I grew it out the last time I had it this short. Perhaps in a few months or a year, I’ll remember. Until then—#3 all the way around!

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