Sometimes, you need to go with inspiration

The Climbing Daddy suggested a few weeks ago that over winter break, maybe we should paint the living room.

I was very excited about this! As far as I’m concerned, the best reason to own instead of rent is to be able to paint real colors. Most of our house is still need-to-sell-it tan.

We were talking in the last few days, and decided instead to paint it before our Christmas Eve Eve party on Sunday.

So the plan was:

Thursday: move furniture. Tape and do other prep.

Friday: paint.

Saturday: move furniture and undo other prep.

He actually moved quite a bit of the furniture yesterday morning after I went to work before he went to work. (I got a surprise text with photo!)

I moved the rest after I got home before he did, and did inventory on what painting supplies we had.

Priorities: we went for a run before continuing the evening.

To buy the paint, we ended up at a different store so we looked through chips again and ended up with a color similar but brighter than what we had originally chosen. Happy day!

We stopped off at an Indian restaurant for dinner, thinking that eating in would only take marginally longer than ordering out, would be fresher, have less trash, etc.

We were wrong. They were very slow. But the food was really tasty. But they were very slow.

In the course of conversation yesterday, we decided to go climbing this afternoon. But that was going to take a chunk out of painting time. So since there was still time last night, I decided to do all the cutting, and then just the rolling would be left for today.

The Climbing Daddy is not a huge fan of painting and as such, doesn’t do it often (well, I don’t do it often, but often enough), so he was having trouble. I told him that I’d take care of it (since I enjoy it), and he could hang out or go to bed or work on other things. (He got some good stuff done while I painted!)

And then … after cutting, I rolled, because it was so close to done and rolling doesn’t take that long and … then it was after midnight.

Usually, blog posts get written a day or more ahead of time so I can let them sit, then revisit and edit (tomorrow and Sunday’s are already done), but this one? Not so much. I’ll let it sit an hour before I edit and share.

It’s Friday! I’m sleepy (though I woke up an hour before the alarm! There was time to write!). I’m excited (the living room is green!). It’s my last day of work for two weeks (so many grades to do today…).

Honestly … this painting story is the kind of story that I’m excited to tell but very few if any are excited to listen to, so instead, I decided to share it here <smile>

The moral of the story is—sometimes, it’s worth going with the flow and energy on a project, especially if it’s work that might not be as exciting when the scheduled time comes.

And unless the daylight shows a lot of touching up to do (artificial light is showing a few spots), this afternoon, I’ll take a nap before climbing.

Happy Friday!

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