Heat, where have you been?

Posts have been sparse here for a while, and I wanted to check in and give an update on what’s going on over here.

In early August, I joined an Akimbo workshop (put on by Seth Godin) called The Creative’s Workshop. I’ve been writing there daily, which I know doesn’t provide you with anything, but what’s coming from it is a book!

Finally, I’m writing the book I’ve talked about writing for a decade.

The community there is so supportive. Lots of vulnerability. Lots of art-in-progress. Not everyone doing art in traditional senses (writing, painting, music)—people revamping their businesses and websites and all sorts of things.

It’s so interesting, in addition to what I’m getting out of it directly for my work.

But time and energy are both finite, and that plus work plus parenting plus the usual stuff has taken the bulk of my time.

Photography has mostly been put on hold, though I do try to get out and shoot something once a week to have photos on Sundays to share. (I decided not to post on weeks when I don’t have photos.) I didn’t get out last week (hence, nothing on Sunday) but did make a little bit of time to watch another tutorial. I’m several months behind now on that course, but it’s self-paced, and I’m good with letting that go to take advantage of this opportunity.

I’m thinking about taking pictures to include in the book, but really, I need to get the thing written before I tangent to some other sparkly idea.

A year ago, I ended a year of blogging daily. In this workshop, I’ve gotten back to writing daily. When the book is written, I plan to get back here and share daily again. It’s a good habit. It’s a difficult habit, but it’s good and I (mostly) enjoy it.

In the mean time, I have 87 single-spaced pages written and notes for many more.

Thanks for hanging around!

And while I don’t get kickbacks (as far as I know—I’ll edit this if info changes when the workshop ends), I definitely recommend catching this workshop the next time it comes around, if you’re looking to put more out into the world.

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