Laziness saves

I am, in some ways, incredibly lazy.

Laziness has saved me from so much junk food.

If I’m at home and am craving something, almost always, I’m too lazy to go out and get it.

(This is most likely because the craving is trying to fill the hole created by lazy/bored/maybe sad, and going to get it contradicts the mood.)

For this reason, it’s been really important to me not to keep junk food in the house. If junk food is in the house, I don’t have to go out. And that doesn’t work out well. At these points in time, there is no moderation.

Stick it in the freezer? I’ve learned that candy and cookies are delicious frozen.

As an added bonus, I can tell The Kid that he’s welcome to snack on anything because there’s nothing in the house that is junk.

If you are like me at all—whether it’s because you’re lazy or because you would logistically not be able to go get something—I highly recommend not keeping it in the house.

Laziness saves.


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