I saw this meme the other day. (I don’t know who to attribute it to, though the saying is widely said.)

And while it’s true, you can’t do it all now, either.

Many (most? all?) of us spend a lot of time on things that aren’t important (games, mindless scrolling, unintentional TV watching, etc.), and as a result “don’t have time” to do things that are more important.

(I’d argue that’s an energy issue, not a time issue, but that’s a separate post.)

So things don’t get done.

But there’s also the issue of avoidance. Of fear of failure or ridicule. Of lack of confidence. These are the bigger reasons things don’t get done.

That’s all the baggage that the meme was talking about (in my interpretation).

But there’s the flip side. Using myself as an example…

Someday, I would like to:

  • swing dance well (I’m mildly competent currently)
  • be somewhat fluent in several languages, including Spanish and ASL, maybe go back to German
  • be good at photography
  • have a book published
  • do pullups
  • do a TED talk
  • do other public speaking
  • learn basic woodworking
  • have my house in order
  • salsa dance well (I’m really bad at it—this will take a teacher with a lot of patience and skill)
  • hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim

And on and on. That’s what I could think of off the top of my head.

There’s no way I can pursue all of that right now, regardless of when “right now” is. Some of it is getting attention now.

Photography had been on my list for years and years, and it’s finally seeing light of day. I have a “real” camera now and have messed around with it some. Although it’s made its way up the priority list, it’s still not at the top.

I work. I have a husband and a kid and friends. I write here and am working on the book. I exercise, cook food, get close to enough sleep most of the time. We live in a house that needs cleaning. I have a garden in the back yard, as well as the rest of the yard that refuses to be just a dirt lot. (Oh, how I wish it would be just a dirt lot.)

The time that’s left? Sometimes I give it to one of the things already getting time. Sometimes I give it to photography. Sometimes I give it to drawing or trying calligraphy. Sometimes I give it to reading. Or playing games. Or playing ukulele. Or digging up more freakin’ Bermuda grass.

Prioritize. Figure out why you’re stalled on some things and get moving on the ones that are important. Or fit. Or you’ll regret not doing. Or have limited window of opportunity.

But some things? They have to go on the “someday” list. Even if social media tries to tell you otherwise.

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