The path and the results

Yesterday, I posted more or less the transcript of my session about sugar, and I promised you that today, I would give you advice on dealing with all of that information and what you can expect as a result of your hard work. Read labels. (Ask me if you don’t know how—I’ll teach you.) Use … Read more

Sugar (CUSD replay)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present two sessions at my school district’s Wellness Expo—one on Motivation and Mindset, and one on Sugar. I’ll post here what’s essentially the transcript for each, editing for reading as needed. I was allotted an hour for each session, and while I didn’t talk that … Read more

Lose 37 pounds in a month!

An acquaintance sent me an article the other day: Student from Cornell University Loses 37lbs in 1 Month With No Diet or Exercise! The “article” is really an ad for a supplement that is “all natural” and has magical properties of preventing your body from functioning properly, causing severe weight loss in a short period … Read more

You can’t outrun a bad diet

The other day, I talked about how diet and exercise aren’t opposite sides of a balance, that each has its own unique benefits to health. Even if we’re ignoring all health ramifications beyond weight, most people are still unlikely to “win” the diet versus exercise game. I’ve worked with a lot of people over time, … Read more

Labels that are not synonyms for healthy

Food production companies are looking to make money. They’ll put whatever is legal (and push that boundary) on the food packaging to get people to buy it. The following are commonly used but not necessarily healthy. all natural organic vegan gluten-free dairy-free fat-free (or low fat) sugar-free (or low sugar) GMO-free low-carb whole wheat high … Read more

Diet vs. exercise: the balance

The title is bait. They don’t balance. They’re not on opposing sides. Exercise is not punishment for eating. What you eat fuels you, affects your hormone balance and contributes to the maintenance and eventual regeneration of most cells. (Not all cells regenerate, and almost all body functions are controlled by hormones.) I know a growing … Read more

December is rough

This time of year is, for many people, brutal. Schedules. Expectations. Hopes. Dreams. Memories. Parents. Kids. Spouses. Friends. Other communities. Decorations. Gifts. Meals. Sweets. Parties. Religion. Other religions. Politics. Please, for your mental and physical health, first trim the lists, then trim the lists again, then delegate. Ladies, as a generalization, we are bad at … Read more

My wintertime best friend

Tis the season for the creeping crud. I mentioned the other day that it was creeping around here. Thus, my wintertime best friend made its seasonal debut: the Neti pot. It’s a fairly common device, so there’s a decent chance that even if you have never used one, you’re familiar with it. Basically, it’s a … Read more