Some days, I look tired

There’s a new-to-my-awareness probably-MLM line of products being hawked in my Facebook feed. “Total makeover. Only takes 10 minutes!” But you know what? I like my face. Some days, I have bags under my eyes, because I’m tired. Some days, I’m exhausted and have full-blown suitcases. I’m at the point where I have creases in … Read more

Podcast quote: creativity (and so much more)

TED has started a new podcast series called TED Interviews, where Chris Anderson interviews people who have give TED talks about their talks, and they get more in depth. I haven’t quite listened to all of them, but all that I’ve listened to have been captivating. (As of this writing, there are only six of … Read more

When you know better…

…do better I’ve had so many conversations in so many realms in recent weeks that play into this notion. In a training, we were talking about why people are resistant to change. This was my contribution to the conversation. My parents are loud-and-proud racist. (I’ll refrain from listing examples.) In order for them to change, … Read more