My photography journey 23Aug20

People who exercise a ton on the weekends and not at all during the week are often called Weekend Warriors. Lately, I’m a photography Weekend Warrior. Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing this cutie pie. She lost both her front teeth, and her mama was lamenting the loss of school pictures this year. … Read more

Depression prepared me for shelter-in-place

First: this is my experience. It might not match yours. I’ve struggled with depression for about as long as I can remember. In relatively recent years, I’ve learned how to manage it. Mine seems to be connection-related. When I feel well-connected to important people, my brain chemicals stay happy. When I feel disconnected from people, … Read more

Tips for school-at-home

School has started or is about to start ’round here. For the moment, we’re all online, and many parents are struggling with the situation. Different households have different dynamics. Parents and kids have a wide range of personalities and interpersonal relationships. Be open to possibilities. Take what works; leave what doesn’t. As a teacher with … Read more